Intentionally Building
Passionately Pursuing

We want to see kids grow to be disciples who live by God’s grace and for His glory at home and in their community.  We do this by making WESTkids a safe and engaging environment where kids can worship through song, hear God’s story from the Bible, and discuss those stories with friends.  The lessons help kids see who God is and how every page of His story points us to Jesus!  We also believe parents are the primary disciple makers of their families, and we strive to help guide and support you along the way.

Questions about WESTkids?


We are ready to serve your family and help your child get settled into WESTkids.  On your first Sunday you will check in at our Kids Ministry manned Check In Station.  We will ask contact information, birthdates and any allergies of your child.  Safety is VERY important for our program!  You will be given a name tag for your child and a pick-up tag with a security code that matches your child’s name tag.  One of our Welcome Team will gladly help you find the class location, assist you with the drop-off process and explain the pick-up process.

What if I lose the pick-up tag for my child?

If you lose the pick-up tag with security code, the group leader will ask you to visit the manned station to reprint a tag.  Good idea: some of our parents take pictures of their tags, which is totally okay to use for pickup.

What if my child needs me?

If you child should need you during programming, we will text you via the parent cell phone number given at registration.

Are there resources to help me follow up on what my child is learning?

We’re so glad you asked! Many times, you will be given resources upon pickup to help guide you as parents.  We also will have resources available that are printed for you.  We also communicate with parents through email and social media.

Who will teach my child?

We have the most amazing leaders!  These groups are leaders committed to helping your child have the best morning of their week.  Our policies require every group has at least two leaders.  Each leader also has undergone a background check and training for their role in WESTkids.  We want every parent to feel an overwhelming assurance that your child is safe and loved while they are in WESTkids!



birth-3 & those not potty trained

It is our desire to ensure a safe and loving environment for infants and children to learn about the God who created them. You can enjoy peace of mind as you worship, learn, and grow spiritually as we provide nursery services for your child.   We provide care during both the 9:30 and 11:00 service times. We will promote potty trained kids quarterly into our preschool environment.  

What to Bring: A diaper and/or your diaper bag. We provide the wipes.

Nursing Mothers’ Room: If you need access to the Nursing Room please see the Nursery Check In for access.


3 & potty trained-5years

We want preschoolers to understand the Bible is God’s Word and His Word is true. We want them to know that God made them and He loves them.  Preschoolers have programming during both the 9:30am and 11:00am services. Our preschoolers will have fun learning, playing, singing, and hearing God’s Word.  We cover the same stories as our elementary kids.  We promote our upcoming Kindergarteners the first Sunday in June. 
November WESTkids
COVID19 policies: We will continue requiring masks be worn by students and teachers; unless under 6 or have a medical exemption. If kids can at times social distance kids, we will allow them at that time to remove their masks for that time. Teachers likewise if they are 6 feet from students can remove their masks. We will continue to not serve snacks and diligently clean spaces. If your child does not feel well please keep them home. Please see our child wellness chart posted outside of ministry spaces.


WESTkids - 9:30AM

We will have birth-5th grade kids programming for BOTH services.
People say music is the universal language, something everyone loves in one form or another, and a way we can communicate shared emotion and experience even across generations, culture, location, backgrounds, and traditions. Much of what is expressed in the book of Psalm are things we experience and feel today. Because of that, we can learn a lot about God and ourselves in these Psalms. When kids can claim these five things – I am wonderful because God made me; I am safe because God watches over me; I am confident because God leads me; I am forgiven because God loves me; I am not afraid because God can be trusted – they will be unstoppable in their life with God!


Power Team is what we call our 4th and 5th graders.  This is a phase in a kid’s life with many changes and questions.  We want to facilitate a place for these students to ask questions, and we guide them in God’s Word for the answers.  We want to help students live a life with Christ as the center.  We will do this by guiding them in their own personal study time, friendships and serving of others.  We will have specific events just for them throughout the year including over the summer a weekly Power Team Pow Wow.


We are off to a great start at AWANA and have had more clubbers join last month! We are working on a can food drive this month so bring those in by November 11th and the club that wins gets to pie in the face Mr. Mike!

AWANA meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:15 and all clubbers must register.  Awana clubs seek to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ and train them to serve Him. Awana is based on the Bible, with fun games, activities, and Scripture memory work. Meaningful relationships are developed with adult leaders and other children participating.


Mothers of Preschoolers

We rally women to come together in their own neighborhoods and help each other through this thing called motherhood, one gathering at a time.

During each meeting we enjoy fellowship, sharing, and either a guest speaker or a craft project, alternating between meetings.

MOPPETS childcare is provided for all children, infants through five years of age. Children are taught biblical lessons with fun, age-appropriate activities. For more information about MOPS contact Lisa or Becky at

Serve in WESTkids

We believe God has called every parent to be the primary spiritual leader in their child’s life.  But we know every parent would love some help on that journey!  WESTkids is a great place to serve!  We have many opportunities for students and adults to share the love of Jesus with kids of all ages.